About our editing service

Scientific discoveries must ultimately be disseminated via peer-reviewed publications. Articles published in English journals can be more easily understood and cited by colleagues around the world. As English is your second language, this puts you at a disadvantage. Even after studying abroad for years, if you have received no systematic training in writing, your logical thinking and language skills may not be as competitive as your native English counterparts. Journals do not reduce their language requirements because an author’s native language is not English, and journal reviewers may underestimate the significance of your research because of language issues. Therefore, before submission, it is necessary to work with SCI paper editors whose native language is English, who have clear academic credentials, and who have long been engaged in article review. Many academic researchers already use editing services to improve the quality of their manuscripts.

Service selection

We provide four different services: Copyediting, Line/deep editing, Developmental/substantive editing, and Extended developmental/substantive editing to meet different author requirements. We also offer three completion times based on urgency, corresponding to different prices. We customize our services according to your needs.


Copyediting catches inappropriate words and makes minor changes to sentence structure and accuracy.

Scientific word misuse

Inconsistent expressions

Sentence structural errors


7 working days


5 working days


3 working days

Line/deep editing

Line/deep editing makes in-depth text changes, including sentence structure, cohesion, and consistency.

All Copyediting services are included here

Sentences with weak cohesion and transitions

Statement with weak logic

Unclear expressions

Inaccurate expressions


7 working days


5 working days


3 working days

substantive editing

Developmental/substantive editing changes text in both sentences as well as paragraphs to improve English structure and logic.

All Line/Deep editing services are included here

Poor paragraph structures

Weak structural logic

Poor scientific accuracy or precision


7 working days


5 working days


3 working days

substantive editing

Extended developmental/substantive editing introduces comprehensive document changes. Authors who use this service get unlimited re-edits.

All Developmental/ Substantive editing services are included here

Unlimited editing for one year


7 working days


5 working days


3 working days